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Upon your first steps inside our store you will get greeted with a warm welcome and we will try to make each and every experience better than the last. Out employees will answer any question to best of our knowledge to make starting a garden as easy as 1-2-3.

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Puppy, Dog, and Elderly Dog food can be found at the Fairfax Greenhouse. We carry the brands Country Vet, Diamond, and a select variety of Farmers Choice. We currently have 13 different kinds of bagged bird feed, so you can change the types of birds visit and have them almost year round.

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Whatever you're working on, you can count on us to have the tools you need. From hand shovels to dibbers, we have it all.

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We have the best solution to get the most out of your garden. Do you have rabbits, deer or anything that is harming your garden? If so, we have the products that will help you get rid of those pests.

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Once you take a step into our beautiful and cololful greenhouses, you'll immediatly know why we have been the greenhouse of choice across Iowa. 

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We carry Aspect feeders made in the USA that carry a lifetime warranty. Not only will the birds love to eat out of these premium birdfeeders, you will enjoy to see all of the different variety of brids that will stop and eat in your own front and or backyard. Come and see why USA made is the best way to go.